Composite Fillings

Composite Fillings in Harlan, IA

Restore Your Smile

Composite fillings are made of tooth-colored resin – no metal and no mercury. Composite fillings are not only used to restore teeth that have decay, they can also be used to mask imperfections and improve aesthetics. 

Check out this transformation by Dr. Hoch

Before and After

Actual patient and work done by Dr. Hoch

Tooth Colored Fillings

An Affordable Dental Alternative

If one of your teeth is decayed or broken, a dental filling may be a great choice for repairing minor or moderate damage. It is best to treat decay (cavities) early – the sooner the problem is fixed, the cheaper your care will be. It is a common misconception that a cavity is painful; the majority of the time, a cavity will not cause ANY symptoms. But once a cavity gets bigger and deeper into the tooth, that’s when you might experience discomfort and the damage might be too advanced to fix with a filling. 


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