Preventive Dentistry

Our dedicated team members don’t want just to correct dental problems for our patients – we also want to give them the knowledge and support they need to prevent problems from ever happening in the first place. Save yourself time and money by avoiding restorative procedures all together. With these services, we hope that we can help you feel more confident than ever in your oral health, and we’ll be glad to guide you every step of the way.


Your mouth is a sensitive place, which is why we will always respect your health and comfort whenever you come in for an appointment. An in-depth evaluation of your teeth, gums, soft tissue, bite, and other oral structures allow us to form a complete picture of your oral health and identify any potential issues at the earliest possible stages. Doing so allows us to treat quickly and effectively. Additionally, our hygienists are always thorough and gentle when it comes to cleanings. Maintaining the health of your smile through daily oral hygiene is very important for several reasons, including:

     Preventing tooth decay and gum disease
     Avoiding bad breath
     Preserving your ideal tooth color and shade
     Improving tooth strength and durability
     Enhancing overall systemic health

Our team always invests enough to teach our patients how to care effectively for their teeth at home. Making sure to brush and floss two or three times a day, eating a healthy diet, and visiting us for regular checkups and cleanings are also excellent steps to follow. We encourage you to stop by and visit our Harlan office if you’re in need of a checkup or cleaning, so that we can provide you with the dedicated, comprehensive care you deserve.


Did you know that tens of thousands of American adults are diagnosed with oral cancer every year? Even worse is that nearly 25 percent of those patients never actually participated in any risk factors such as tobacco use. Thankfully, there’s a high rate of successful treatment for oral cancer if patients are diagnosed early enough. That’s why Dr. Hoch makes screening for this deadly disease a high priority during your regular checkups. 


Many patients, especially younger ones, struggle with keeping their back teeth completely clean. The deep grooves on the teeth often trap bacteria and food particles for long periods of time even with diligent brushing. Dental sealnts reduce the risk of decay and damage. This tough resin material is designed to bond directly to the tooth enamel and “seal” problem pits and grooves, providing patients with a seamless layer of protection.