These small, specialized mouthpieces can have a major impact on your overall health and wellbeing. Whether you suffer from jaw joint pain, worn down teeth, or sleep apnea, we can help at Cornerstone Dental in Harlan, IA.

What is TMJ?

TMJ is a disorder with the tempromandibular joint of the jaw. When the joint becomes inflamed, irritated, or misaligned, it can be debilitating. Symptoms of TMJ include:
– Persistent pain or soreness of the face, teeth, jaw, head, or neck
– Chronic headaches or migraines
– Worn down teeth
– Popping or clicking jaw joints
– Inability to fully open the mouth

What causes TMJ? Grinding!

TMJ can sometimes be caused from arthritis or from trauma, such as a car accident or a blow to the side of head. More commonly though, TMJ is caused by chronic muscular tension pulling the joint disk out of place and misaligning the joint. This muscular tension happens when you grind and clench your teeth. Many people grind and clench their teeth during the night while they are unaware of the harm they are inflicting upon themselves. This over-activation of the muscle can cause pain and inflammation in the tempromandibular joint and can also cause significant damage and wear down the teeth over time. 

TMJ Treatment

The initial treatment approach for TMJ starts with fitting you for a custom oral appliance or night guard that you wear during sleep to prevent the clenching, grinding, and tension that is the source of your problems. The night guard has a soft inner layer that hugs the teeth and a smooth durable outer layer. They are an easy, comfortable, and affordable solution for most TMJ cases. 
For more extreme cases, or for the few people that cannot tolerate a night guard, BOTOX is also an effective treatment option to reduce that troublesome muscle tension on the joint.

What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a common and dangerous disorder. Common symptoms include:
   – Snorinh
   – Choking and gasping for air
   – Frequent waking and insomnia
   – Daytime sleepiness and chronic fatigue
   – Headaches
   – Poor memory and conentration
   – Depression

What causes sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea and snoring are a common nightly issues for millions of Americans. Sleep apnea and snoring occur when the airway is narrowed or blocked, preventing you from breathing properly.  Those most likely to be affected are:
   – Male
   – Overweight
   – Over the age of 40
   – Have a thick neck
But almost anyone can suffer; even petite women and children.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea Treatment

While the gold standard treatment for sleep apnea is a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine, many people cannot tolerate wearing a CPAP machine because it’s big, bulky, loud, invasive, and prevents patients from sleeping comfortably, defeating the whole purpose of the machine in the first place! At Cornerstone Dental, we can create a comfortable, discreet, convenient, and effective custom appliance to help. The oral appliance keeps your lower jaw in a forward position, preventing your airway from collapsing and allowing you to breathe and sleep soundly throughout the night. 

TMJ, Grinding, and Snoring Relief in Harlan, IA


These mouthpieces are simple solutions that have the potential to change your life for the better.
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